Speaking Engagements

My passion for teaching media literacy and writing about film history isn’t contained to the classroom. I take the lessons of my work about art worlds and adapt them to different venues for multi-generational and multi-cultural audiences.

I’ve been invited to speak at international conferences, concerts, film festivals, community groups, and on national TV and radio broadcasts, but aim to bring the same level of engagement, insight, and humor to every venue and audience. As an educator, I respect that every event is unique and my presentations are tailored to fit the needs of each audience.

The topics of my speaking engagements range from basic media literacy and film appreciation to the history of Hollywood (as a business and an art) to the role of comedy in popular culture and the connection between emotion and music in film and media. And everything in between.

I’m always looking to talk about the role of film and media in our lives. If you’re interested in having me speak to your group, run a workshop, host a panel discussion, or want to find a way to include me in your event, please contact me. Have a look at some of the videos of my past talks that are posted below.

2020 “Jew-ish: The Jewish Family in Film and Television,” Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre.

2018 “Best of the Worst: Comedy Podcasting and Participatory Snark,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

2017 “The Art of Foley Sound,” Toronto International Film Festival, Higher Learning.

2016 “The Sound is the Studio: Composers as Engineers in Contemporary Film Music,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

2014 “Atmos Now: How Dolby is Transforming the Art and Craft of Sound Mixing,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

2013The Simpsons and Animation Comedy with Tim Long, Tom Gammill, Max Pross, and Matt Selman,” University of Southern California.

2012 “In Conversation” with John Landis and Fred Raskin, University of Southern California.

2010 “Sound from Start to Finish,” Film Studies Association of Canada.

2007 “The Passion of Larry David: Jewish Identity and Humor in Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Canadian Society for Jewish Studies.

2019 “Sounds from Hollywood: Music and Affect,” 14th Annual Symposium, Senior College, University of Toronto.

2017 “The Marvel of Film Music in Videographic Criticism,” Music and the Moving Image Conference, New York.

2016 Introductory Remarks for The Godfather Live in Concert, Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Toronto.

2016 “Romantic Minimalism: Hans Zimmer and Film Music,” Academic Seminar, University of Toronto.

2015 “The House Zimmer Built: Romantic Minimalism, Group Style, and Contemporary Film Music,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

2013 “The Future of Online Comedy,” University of Southern California.

2011 “The Art of Sound Craft: Editing and Mixing for Action,” Cinemateque108 Lecture Series, University of Southern California.

2009 “When Hearing and Touch Collide: Low Frequency Tactility and Immersion in Hollywood Cinema,” Society for Cinema and Media Studies.

2008 “Challenging Cartographic Continuity: Lessons from Canadian Cinema,” Art and Cartogrpahy Symposium.