Select Publications

The Auteur Renaissance, 1968-1980

An in-depth study of the role of the editor and picture editing practices in the New Hollywood.

“Why would you do that, Larry?”

Jewish Identity and Humor in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Principal Editor

Currently serving as the principal editor of the Intellect Press imprint, The Soundtrack, which is a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that brings together research in music and sound in relation to film and other moving image media, including television, games and installations.

Footsteps with Character: The Art and Craft of Foley

A study of modern Foley performance and aesthetics, with special attention to the customized nature of Foley effects and the importance of creating sound with ‘character’.

Music for the Moving Image

Hans Zimmer and Modern Film Music Practices.

Canada’s Great Shame: Tax Shelters, Nationalism, and Popular Taste

Considering the rise and fall of genre filmmaking in Canada in the 1970s and 1980s.

Atmos Now!

Dolby Laboratories, Mixing Ideology, and Hollywood Sound Production.

What do we hear?

The pluralism of sound design in Hollywood sound production, and the changing role of the “sound designer.”

The Wilhelm Scream

A brief history of the Wilhelm Scream and its sonic impact on popular culture.

Sculptural Dissonance

Hans Zimmer and the Composer as Engineer.

Mapping Film Audiences in Multicultural Canada

How the Cybercartographic Atlas of Canadian Cinema can help explain modes and methods of Canadian film production and exhibition.