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If there is one stylistic technique that has reached a point of saturation in Hollywood, then it must surely be the Snorricam, otherwise known as the "reverse steadicam" or the "chestcam."

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What Might Have Been

When we consider a filmmaker's output we never consider the films that were almost made. Would it be a stretch to say that we could learn a lot about the creative process if we could study these almost movies?

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Liberation through Limitation

Artists in most mediums work within some set of boundaries. For many sound professionals, constraints offer creative flexibility -- however strange that sounds. But limitations in the form of norms and conventions can be profoundly liberating.

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Dispatches from TIFF

A selection of reviews from the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

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Hear it in 3-D!

Filmmakers, including sound professionals, have always had to reconcile the spectacular nature of technology with the need for narrative invisibility. This is especially the case with sound mixing, where their art is based on the fine balance of story comprehension and environmental immersion.

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Keep Circulating the Tapes — The Best of MST3K

With nearly two hundreds episodes to its credit, dozens of classic lines and memorable moments, and some perfectly roasted films, Wright on Film presents its Top Ten Favorite Moments from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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A Mann Among Us

Michael Mann in Close Up.

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