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On Jewish Humor

Woody Allen's screen persona is a caricature of a petrified New York Jew, but his comic identity is far more interesting and nuanced than we have come to believe.

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“I Knew He Would Be Gone”

The Shape -- otherwise known as Michael Myers -- avoids death to fulfill the key function of the horror genre, which is its lack of closure.

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Crisis in Criticism

A closer look a the documentary Side By Side, and an examination of how filmmakers are dealing with the transition to digital shooting, editing, and exhibition systems.

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Spielberg’s Suburban Animism

In 1991, Spielberg was asked to provide an image from one of his films that typified his visual style. Spielberg chose the shot in Close Encounters where little Barry stands in the doorway between his home and that "beautiful but awful" outer light.

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The Hero Complex

"It's all a big experiment."

This was Hans Zimmer's summation of his work on Christopher Nolan's summer blockbuster Inception, which is fast becoming one of the composer's more commercially popular scores.

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Rules and Anarchy

I had an opportunity to see Apocalypse Now Redux and hear Walter Murch speak about his sound and picture duties on the film.

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On the Record: The Sound of Avatar

A closer look at the sound of Avatar.

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